Grocery Store

CassaNova meets also the needs of those who manage a grocery store and need to use the weighing scales for the efficient management of their business.
With CassaNova weighing scales and tablet can communicate: once chose and weighed the product, the scale automatically transmits to CassaNova the amount to take into account, thus eliminating the risk of trivial errors and allowing you to have any aspect of the sale under control.

By integrating Cassanova with a scale, you will have an efficient and complete point of sale!



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Keep track of sales

You think you know everything about your business. But can you answer with precision when ask to make a list of your most sold items? Do you know which article make more profits? With CassaNova you will access real-time and accurate analytics. Find out your top-selling items, display sales by department and make smarter decision when it comes to order articles for your inventory!

Print Orders

If you do Take Away, CassaNova also allows you to print order tickets and deliver it to the customer. Order tickets are useful to not create confusion while customers line up to receive what they ordered.

Manage Bar Tabs

Allow your customers to leave open bar tabs without fear of losing control on uncollected sales. With CassaNova you can open an account dedicated to customer, keep it in memory, modify it by adding or deleting products already paid and finally, if unused, delete it. Say goodbye to paper and pen, choose Cassanova!

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