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Running a clothes shop isn’t easy as it may seem, you are not just surrounded by beautiful clothes, you need to know your inventory and always be able to accurately track your sales.
Infinitely customizable, intuitive and reliable, CassaNova is the point of sale solution that allows you to run your business in a faster and smarter way.
With CassaNova you can manage departments, categories, items lists or gather item-level data, you will take control of every aspect of your work!


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Manage your inventory

Are you tired of complex procedures or systems that mess up your work instead of making it simpler? Here's the solution for you! CassaNova provides a simple warehouse management dedicated to each point of sales! Easily track your entire inventory, customize your products with modifiers, including pricing, quantities and alerts when supplies are low. Plus, with barcode scanner integration searching and selling items is quick and easy as a,b,c.

Keep track of sales

You think you know everything about your business. But can you answer with precision when ask to make a list of your most sold items? Do you know which article make more profits? With CassaNova you will access real-time and accurate analytics. Find out your top-selling items, display sales by department and make smarter decision when it comes to order articles for your inventory!

Save customers data

The customer database allows you to create invoices and accounts tabs in a fast and precise way. For each client you can create an identification profile that can be used for filling in tax documents (invoices) or to keep track of their buying habits.

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