How it works

Easy but Reliable

If running a business is a complicated activity, your POS shouldn’t complicate your life too.
CassaNova is an easy-to-use tablet App for Android and iOS that will replace your bulky cash registers.


How does it work?

Once you have downloaded CassaNova App on your tablet use the Client Code to activate your license. Now you just need to set up the printer on the same WiFi network where the tablet is connected and you’ll be up and running.


how it works CassaNova

Do you need an Internet connection?

Not necessarily, CassaNova is a stand-alone app that doesn’t require an Internet connection to work. However a WiFi network is essential to enable the communication between tablet and printers.

Why tablet POS?

Tablets are highly versatile, intuitive, functional and CassaNova is absolutely capable of replacing traditional cash registers, taking full advantage of tablet’s technology! Being much more intuitive and simpler than a common cash register, you will learn how to use it in a few minutes. Each features CassaNova is designed to simplify and speed up your work. Why using complicated and obsolete tools when they can be replaced by CassaNova?

A point of sale tailored to your needs

Elegant and customizable CassaNova allows you to create product lists, categories, departments, choosing different colors or icons to recognize them at a glance. You can update your inventory by single items or migrate thousands of items from other systems using our file upload feature. You can also choose to duplicate configurations for multiple accounts so that all your POS will inherit the same configuration and price lists at the same time.

Ring up your sales

Stable and reliable CassaNova performances are fast even at consistent volume. Easily create and print receipts or invoices in few seconds, forget about long lines of impatient customers, with CassaNova each transaction is blazing fast! Master a full set of strategic functionalities tailored and designed to help you enhance your business profitability. Say goodbye to waste of time, choose CassaNova.

Cloud Based Point of Sale

My.CassaNova is the Cloud-based system that allows you to remotely control and manage your point of sale, display the sales summary reports and control the stock management anytime and anywhere! You will get a clear understanding of your business trend, straight from your computer or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Plus, your data will stay safe and sound on the cloud!  

Inventory Management

Easily track your entire inventory, avoid risks of selling out of stock items, efficiently analyze your sales and organize your orders. You’ll now have a clear idea of which products are working better in the shops. Plus, with barcode scanner integration, searching and selling items is quick and easy as a,b,c

Keep track of your success

Successful businesses are based on data-led decisions. With CassaNova you can refer to real-time and accurate sales analytics. Find out your top-selling items, display sales by store, period and time, or employee.Being a know-it-all has never been so fun!

Try the demo, download CassaNova!

Do you own a tablet? Try CassaNova for free now! Open Google Play Store or App Store, download the app so you can try the demo version. We bet you'll like it!
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