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  • Bill creation: To create a new bill just select the item from the dashboard and it will be automatically charged into the receipt. Otherwise use the numeric keypad to insert prices into the receipt.
  • Parallel Billing: Manage parallel bills, toggling from one to another quickly.
  • Update Products and Categories: Easily create a new product or update existing products and categories.
  • Icon Customisation: Each product can be associated to an icon that gives a simple and clear graphic evidence.
  • Quick Products: Best selling products can be added to a dashboard for instant access.
  • Discounts Support: Include product discounts, either fixed or by customer.
  • Categories Management: Assign products to categories for easy access.
  • Departments Management: Easily create, edit and manage departments.
  • Customer Database: Create invoices and manage accounts by customer. Specify a set of attributes that can be used in tax documents and non-taxable products.
  • Vat Rates: Easily edit or add new VAT Rates to assign taxes to specific products or departments.
  • Stocks Management: Upload on CassaNova an xls file containing your product list and prices. Manage the number of existing stocks as well as the level of safety stocks.
  • Barcode Scanner: Use the barcode scanner or the tablet camera in order to read barcodes. Using the barcode scanner you can also search products by barcodes.



  • Works with fiscal and non fiscal printers: Connect all printers to CassaNova and simply identify the default device.
  • Receipts: Creating a receipt is quick and easy. You can add the purchased product description and customize template by product.
  • Invoices: Associate invoices with customers in your database.
  • Non fiscal documents: Print non fiscal documents such as prebills and non fiscal invoices.
  • Payment method support: Support for multiple payment methods, including: cash, credit card, debit card or tickets



  • Staff Profiles: Define profiles with assigned employees and restrict certain operations. Each employee has unique credentials to access the app
  • Shift Change Management: Manage shift changes by login.



  • Keypad style: It is possible to choose between various size and icons to customize the dashboard buttons.
  • Currency: Select the currency of your country. CassaNova provides all the European and Extra Europeans currencies.
  • Languages: CassaNova is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.
  • Drawer Opening: Just click on the button “Open the Drawer” to open it without the need of creating a bill.



  • End of day tax position: Calculate end of day tax position and print a summary report
  • Closing out the cash register: “closing out” a cash register entails compiling data from its daily usage, accounting for all cash, check and credit transactions.
  • Sales Summary Report: Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports. Keep track of the goods you are selling and the profitability of your business. View sales by items, categories, departments or user.

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